Course Description

Are you ready to learn how to create, launch & market your first online course?

Welcome to the ‘Online Course Creation Secrets | Become An Online Instructor’ masterclass!

If you are looking to learn how to create an online course that students will love, then you’re in the right place! This is your guide to the world of online course creation, as you learn how to create, launch & market your first online course. 

You will be taken step-by-step through the entire online course creation process, from selecting a topic to online course marketing strategies to get your first student enrollments.  By the end of the course, you will have everything you need to get started as an online instructor!

Become An Online Instructor

Don’t know what course topic to teach? No Problem!

Most people don’t realize that they already have valuable skills and information they can teach online that could benefit others around the world. Discover the topics that you should teach as an online instructor by evaluating your passions, interests & hobbies.

We will dive deep into the online course creation process as you are guided through each step, from topic selection to marketing strategies. Learn how to select your niche, create a course outline, setup a home studio with recommended software & equipment, record your course videos, launch strategies and tons more!

Online Course Marketplaces

Getting your first student enrollments can be challenging when launching your first online course. 

By joining an online course marketplace such as Udemy or Skillshare, you will immediately have access to thousands of students that are actively searching for new things to learn. Becoming a Udemy instructor or creating a Skillshare class both require one important thing, a high quality course that provides value to students.

You will discover strategies to launch your course onto both Udemy & Skillshare, and methods to start getting your first students fast.

Whether you want to teach on your own course platform, or join an online course marketplace like Udemy or Skillshare, you will have everything you need to get started as an online instructor.

What’s Inside:

  • Select a course topic
  • Software & equipment options
  • Setup your home studio
  • Outline & script your videos
  • Film & edit your videos
  • Promo video & course cover image
  • Landing page setup
  • Course launch strategies
  • Get started on Udemy
  • Get started on Skillshare
  • Online course marketing
  • And much more!

Time To Take Action!

The online course market is growing fast, but so is the competition! 

Start creating your online course today and become an authority in your niche.

I encourage you to take a moment to view the free course preview videos, and browse through the curriculum so you can see all of the valuable information we will be covering. It will take some time to develop your online course, so take action now!

When you enroll today, you will finally have the tools you need to move forward with your course creation journey.

Enroll now and let’s get started...

See you in the course!

Jason G

Course Instructor

Jason Gandy

Jason Gandy is an online entrepreneur & investor with over 15 years of teaching experience. After graduating from Georgia Southern University, he built several online businesses for both physical and digital products. Jason is also an experienced investor, and began trading the stock market in 2009. In 2012, he became involved in the cryptocurrency market by both mining and investing in Bitcoin.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Course Topic Selection

    • Course Topic Selection | Section Overview

    • Create Your Topic List | Niche Brainstorming Session

    • Demand vs Competition | What's More Important?

    • Demand Research | Research & Compare The Topics On Your Niche List

    • Demand Research | Using Books To Research Topics For Dummies

    • Demand Research | Udemy Marketplace Insights

  • 3

    Studio Setup

    • Setting Up Your Studio | Section Overview

    • Software Options | Software For Creating, Recording & Editing Your Course

    • Audio Equipment | Microphones & Other Audio Options

    • Video Equipment | Cameras & Other Video Options

    • Lighting & Backgrounds | Lighting Options, Backgrounds & Props

    • My Home Studio | View My Studio & Equipment

  • 4

    Create Your Course

    • Course Development Process | Section Overview

    • Develop Your Course Structure | Select Your Sections & Lectures

    • Create Your Course Slides | Presentation & Graphics

    • Write Your Script or Talking Points | Fill In Your Sections & Lectures

  • 5

    Film & Edit Your Course

    • Film & Edit Your Course | Section Overview

    • Course Creation Best Practices | Settings & Recommendations

    • Screen-cast Videos | Record Your Course

    • Talking Head Videos | Record Your Course

    • Combination Videos | Record Your Course

    • Best Way To Film Hands-on Demonstrations & Walkthroughs | GoPro Filming Tricks

    • Video Editing Extras | Enhance Your Video & Audio

  • 6

    Course Pre-Launch

    • Course Pre-Launch Preparations | Section Overview

    • Create A Promo Video | How To Make Your Course Trailer

    • Create A Cover Image | How To Design Your Course Cover Image

    • Create Your Sales Page | How To Setup Your Course Landing Page

  • 7

    Udemy Marketplace

    • Getting Started On Udemy | Section Overview

    • Udemy Revenue Share Explained | How Much Will You Make?

    • Udemy Course Requirements & Guidelines

    • Create Your Instructor Profile & Opt-In To Udemy Promotions

    • Upload Your Course Videos & Add Resources | Lectures, Quizzes & Assignments

    • Create Your Course Landing Page | Sales Page, Set Pricing & Submit For Review

    • Selling On Udemy | Strategies & Tips

  • 8

    Skillshare Marketplace

    • Getting Started On Skillshare | Section Overview

    • Skillshare Revenue Share Explained | How Much Will You Get Paid?

    • Skillshare Course Requirements & Guidelines

    • Create A Class On Skillshare | Setup Your Profile & Upload Your Course Videos

    • Setup Your Class Landing Page | Class Title, Description & Category

    • Skillshare Class Projects | Create A Class Project For Your Course

    • Getting Your First Student Enrollments | Tips & Strategies

  • 9

    Online Course Marketing Strategies

    • Online Marketing Strategies & Funnels | Section Overview

    • Email Marketing | Build Your Email List or Followers

    • Video Marketing | Promote Your Course With Videos

    • Content Marketing | Create Content That Drives Traffic

    • Paid Advertisements | Use Paid Ads To Promote Your Course

  • 10

    Thanks For Joining!

    • Thanks for joining!