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Learn the knowledge you need to start strategically building your own cryptocurrency portfolio. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has seen massive growth over the past decade, and it's adoption continues to increase. Not only will cryptocurrency change the way we make transactions, but also all aspects of everyday life from big industry to gaming.

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What’s Inside:

  • Introduction To Cryptocurrency
  • How to Purchase Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Types & Storage
  • How To Use Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies
  • And Tons More!

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Jason G

Course Instructor

Jason Gandy

Jason Gandy is an online entrepreneur & investor with over 15 years of teaching experience. After graduating from Georgia Southern University, he built several online businesses for both physical and digital products. Jason is also an experienced investor, and began trading the stock market in 2009. In 2012, he became involved in the cryptocurrency market by both mining and investing in Bitcoin.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started With Cryptocurrency | Course Introduction

    • Getting Started With Cryptocurrency | Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Introduction To Cryptocurrency

    • Introduction - Why Cryptourrency?

    • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Essentials

    • Cryptocurrency - Key Events From 2017

    • The Future of Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

  • 3

    Purchasing Cryptocurrency

    • Purchase Cryptocurrency - Section Overview

    • Getting Started on Coinbase - Create Your Account

    • Make Your First Cryptocurrency Purchase - Coinbase Tools & Features

    • Coinbase Mobile App - Download & Review

    • Make A Purchase Using Bitcoin - How To Use Cryptocurrency

    • Bitcoin ATM - How To Purchase From A Bitcoin ATM

  • 4

    Cryptocurrency Wallets & Storage

    • Cryptocurrency Wallets - Section Overview

    • Online Wallets - Best For Purchasing & Trading Cryptocurrency

    • Hardware Wallets - Long Term Storage & Large Amounts of Cryptocurrency

    • Desktop Wallets - Manage Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio on Your Desktop

    • Mobile Wallets - Simple & Easy Way To Store Your Cryptocurrency

    • Paper Wallets - Free Option To Securely Store Cryptocurrency

  • 5

    Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies

    • Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies - Section Overview

    • Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) - Averaging Into Positions

    • Diversification - Diversify Your Portfolio

    • Just HODL It! - Strategy Of 'HODLing On For Dear Life'

    • Long Term Storage Options - Wallets For Cryptocurrency Investing

    • Investor Terminology - Slang & Terminology Used By Cryptocurrency Investors

  • 6

    Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

    • How To Trade Cryptocurrency - Section Overview

    • Top Mistakes Made By New Traders - Avoid These!

    • Technical vs Fundamental Trading - Trading Styles Review

    • Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency - Introduction To Technical Analysis

    • How To Read & Understanding Candlestick Charts

    • Indicators & Overlays - Candlestick Chart Technical Analysis

    • How To Place Trades on Trading Exhanges - Transfer & Trade Cryptocurrency

    • Moving Averages - Moving Average Crossover Strategy For Trading

    • Support & Resistance Levels - Finding Suppot & Resistance Levels For Trading